Managed Futures

FF&CG specializes in systematic and model based trading

Through diversification managed futures offer, liquidity, transparency, and low correlation to the conventional capital markets.

As correlation between traditional asset classes break down and market volatility spikes, managed futures strategies can be a solid alternative to conventional investments. CTAs are professional risk managers who utilizes both the futures and commodity markets.

Another attractive feature of managed futures is an investor’s ability to leverage versatile strategies, including absolute real return strategies. Strategies can be accessed that produce returns in both rising and falling markets. Managed futures is an investment vehicle that can achieve overall portfolio diversification, reduce risk and portfolio volatility, potentially enhance portfolio overall rate of return, and provide protection during equity market extremes, corrections, and bear markets.

At FF&CG, our core objective is to recommend to our investors only those Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) which have passed our rigid and stringent selection criteria. FF&CG does not recommend managers and funds in which the firm’s principal is not exposed.

Utilizing model-based trading, FF&CG provides strong strategic guidance on systematic methodology/sector/market/time frame diversification, incorporated with corresponding risk management to each CTA and program offering. Discretionary CTAs and Option Writers are never recommended.

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