A guaranteed introducing broker of RJ O’Brien since 1997, FF&CG specializes exclusively in managed futures, offering only a select few CTA programs that pass our stringent proprietary criteria, while providing personalized investor-to-investor discussions and specifically tailored recommendations.


While most managed futures providers display long directory lists of CTAs which they deem suitable for client investment, FF&CG’s proprietary selection process runs counter to that of our industry peers.

FF&CG has over 25 years of experience in exercising a strict proprietary selection process in vetting the CTAs it offers. The number of CTAs FF&CG recommends are few simply because only a small percentage of CTAs actually meets FF&CG’s stringent criteria and standards.


We are not a one-size-fits-all firm. We take a very discipline and consistent approach to investing in managed futures.

Unlike many in the managed futures space, FF&CG does not recommend nor promote CTA programs in which pre-negotiated  fee agreements exist. Clients seeking access to managers (CTAs) and funds that FF&CG does not recommend, should seek out a less specialized introducing broker. FF&CG’s principal is personally exposed to the CTAs  and funds FF&CG offers and recommends to investor clients. Further, the firm does not offer, nor recommends CTAs or funds in which the firm’s principal is not exposed.


At FF&CG, the typical mechanical “broker to investor” communications do not exist. We strive to engage in “true investor to investor dialogue.” From pre-investment discussions on capitalization and how to maximize portfolio allocations, to notional funding and periodic risk assessments, our conversations with clients and potential clients are personalized and meaningful. FF&CG’s principal has been an investor, alongside his clients, in managed futures for over 25 years.


Utilizing model-based trading, FF&CG provides strong strategic guidance on systematic methodology/sector/market/time frame diversification, incorporated with corresponding risk management to each CTA and program offering. Discretionary CTAs and Option Writers are never recommended.


For more information on FF&CG Capital Management, please contact us.